Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Collected Torture Resources

This is a resource for CIA-related, torture-related reporting I have come across. Organized by source, then author. Then I group links related to relevant locations - CIA secret prisons, Guantanamo, Bagram. Finally there is a section of charts and a growing list of anti-torture people of particular note.


Jack Devine - "An Intelligence Reform Reality Check"

New Yorker:

Jane Mayer - "The Black Sites", "A Deadly Interrogation"

US News:

David E. Kaplan - "The no-good, down-home spookhouse blues"

Democracy Now:

Related programs:

December 3 2008: Matthew Alexander; November 17 2008: Mel Goodman & Michael Ratner; March 12 2008: Darius Rejali; September 15 2006: A.C. Thompson & Trevor Paglen;



Mark Thompson for Time - Another Gitmo Grows in Afghantisan (Jan 5 09)


National Intelligence Community Organizational Structure:

US News chart (warning: pdf)

CIA Organizational Structure (pre DNI & other 2004 reforms):

Wall Street Journal chart

CIA Organizational Structure (post 2004 reforms):

CIA website chart

The Good Guys & Gals: Anti-Torture Advocates

Rand Beers
Colonel (Ret.) W. Patrick Lang (here & here)

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