Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama's First (?) Rendition

Scott Horton has the disturbing details over at HuffPo.

"[Raymond] Azar alleges that on arriving at Bagram he was shackled to a chair in an office for seven hours and not allowed to move. Then in the midst of a cold rainstorm he was taken to an unheated metal shipping container converted to use as a cell. The cell was brightly lit and although the outside temperature approached freezing, he was given only a thin blanket. He also claims that he was not permitted to sleep during his confinement at Bagram, which lasted over a day. Then he was told he was going to take a plane trip. His handlers would not tell him where he was going. He feared he was being dragged to Guantanamo, there to be 'disappeared' and tortured. How else, he thought, could he explain the absence of Afghan authorities, the hooding and other techniques?"
Other allegations include threats to Azar's family and nude photography.

In the past months, since Inauguration, President Obama and his team have built a framework for this type of activity. They've embraced the abuse of the state secrets privilege to cover up Bush crimes. Well, guess what - it will work equally well to help Obama cover up whatever it is he wants to do.