Monday, December 29, 2008

Hayden ...

It wasn't so long ago that Hayden staying on as CIA Director was a joke. It may still be, but it is getting a lot of play from various corners. There was the report from ABC News that Obama "felt comfortable" with Hayden. And today Paul Bedard of "Washington Whispers" writes of a CIA holiday celebration "The giving came with a broader Christmas message sent out by CIA Director Mike Hayden-said to be in line to stay on in the Obama administration." This is a bit of a departure from his report on Dec 15th that begins "We still don't know if CIA boss Michael Hayden will stay on as Barack Obama's top spy."

Is it odd that Hayden might stay, as McConnell departs? Beats me. Obviously Obama is interested in shaking up the intelligence community to some degree - I would think Hayden staying on would make that more difficult.

Melvin Goodman has written another article on the intelligence community for all to enjoy at The Public Record. He has been excellent and aggressive on intelligence issues - and I think his early op-ed in the Baltimore Sun really helped get the ball rolling against John Brennan's potential nomination to DNI/DCIA. He offers Richard Holbrooke or Thomas Pickering as promising DCIA candidates.

Lee Hamilton, apparently offered the no.2 position at the State Dept., has written an editorial as well.

The intelligence community is causing noted people to pick up their pens. Add Thomas A. Schweich to the list of op-ed writers.

The tea-leaf reading continues. But at least Barack Obama knows that the American people are extremely interested in who he chooses for DCIA and understand the importance of his choice.

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