Thursday, December 4, 2008

Parsing Feinstein

Oh, where would the Democratic Party be without its fingers in the wind?

Glenn Greenwald provides a massive takedown of Wyden and Feinstein's comments in the NYT article I posted about yesterday here.

But I would like to focus on Feinstein's full statement as quoted in Time.

"The law must reflect a single, clear standard across the government, and right now the best choice appears to be the Army Field Manual," Senator Feinstein said. "I recognize that there are other views, and I am willing to work with the new Administration to consider them. However, my intent is to pass a law that effectively bans torture, complies with all laws and treaties, and provides a single standard across the government."

Why does that sound like the "other views" [non-Army Field Manual] are coming from the administration? Why would these "other views" get that far along? Is this just for bipartisan show? If so, of all the issues to pick, this is about the worst one.

Obama has a mandate to end torture. And he should do it. There is no need to consider "other views" and there is no need to suggest Democrats are being good sports by doing so.

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