Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why Change Is Needed

from Rachel Maddow:

LEVIN: What I think is our role to do is to bring out the facts which we have to
state our conclusions, which we have, which is where the origin of these
techniques began. And then to turn over to the Justice Department of the next
administration - because clearly this Justice Department is not willing to take
an objective look - to turn over to the next Justice Department all the facts
that we can, and we have put together, and get our report, the rest of it
But then it seems to me it is appropriate that there be an
outside commission appointed to take this out of politics, that it would have
the clear subpoena authority to get to the parts of this which are not yet
clear, and that is the role of the CIA.
We looked at the role of the
Department of Defense, but the role of the CIA has not yet been looked at, and
let an outside commission reach the kind of conclusions which then may or may
not lead to indictments or to civil action. But it is not our role, it's not
appropriate for us to make those kinds of - reach those kinds of conclusions.

Yep. The role of the CIA has not been looked at. And that is why no one involved with the high-level logistics or policy-making of torture, rendition, or warrantless wiretapping in the CIA can be placed in charge of an Obama CIA. We need to know what happened, and they are the only ones that can tell us. Put someone clean in charge of the CIA so that we can do this investigation of Bush era officials without destroying the morale of the CIA.

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