Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kappes to Stay: Blarg.

I saw this on Spencer Ackerman's blog this morning. Laura Rozen has it too:

January 07, 2009
Good Post piece
on Hill annoyance at Obama over how Panetta choice handled. And their demands:
"Several committee Democrats made clear that they expect CIA Deputy Director
Stephen R. Kappes and Intelligence Director Michael Morell, the agency's No. 3
official, to be retained for continuity and experience. An Obama transition
official confirmed that both will be invited to stay."

As Ackerman says, Kappes does not have to undergo a confirmation hearing. So no official process will bring to light the renditions he was involved in.

I think this is a big deal that complicates a serious Congressional investigation of the CIA. And it certainly doesn't bode well for Bob Lady (although maybe Obama will help him pay for a lawyer). Looks like the Obama CIA will be protecting its higher ups, just like Bush's did.

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