Thursday, January 29, 2009

A question

Is this report to be believed?

"The Guantanamo Bay prison camp was ordered closed by the US president, in
addition a review of the detainees' trials was ordered, along with the
closure of CIA secret prisons and an end to harsh interrogations.
But the orders appear to leave loopholes that could allow some controversial US
practices to continue.
Extraordinary renditions, where 'terror' suspects are apprehended and transferred from countries by US intelligence services or their allies, without going through any
legal process, could still be carried out.
A senior Obama administration official has said the policy of extraordinary rendition would continue while a task force headed by the US attorney general investigates the issue.
The task force will report back to Obama in six months.
The official also said the US would not render anyone to a country that tortures and will gain assurances from the countries that they do send people to that the suspects won’t be tortured."

This is the only place I've read that. I will update later if I find corroboration.

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