Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama & Geneva


"On Friday, lawyers for 30 detainees filed a motion accusing the
Obama administration of violating the Geneva Conventions
in its
treatment of the estimated 240 prisoners remaining at the controversial prison

Obama has vowed to close the camp within the next 12 months, and has
ordered individual reviews of the cases against each of the remaining
prisoners." [emphasis suppplied]

Hmm...all is not well at Guantanamo.

Update: Details:

"Lawyers for 30 detainees are seeking 'to end respondent's violation of
certain provision of the Third Geneva Convention,' a court filing obtained by
AFP said Thursday.

The attorneys argue the violations -- such as detention in solitary
confinement for 22 hours a day -- are part of an established policy against
their terror-suspected clients at the remote US naval base in southern

A Pentagon report said last month that conditions for the 240 men who
remain imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay are in line with the Geneva Conventions -- a
review that was harshly criticized by rights groups.

The New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights, which represents
some Guantanamo prisoners, said detainees 'continue to be held in inhumane
conditions that violate US obligations under the Geneva Conventions, the US
Constitution and international human rights law.'"

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