Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tomorrow We May Have New Reading

via Talkleft, tomorrow comes the Obama Administration deadline for releasing three particularly controversial CIA torture memos. And guess what? The CIA is going bonkers about it.

But this is what I don't understand -

"Top CIA officials have spoken out strongly against a full release, saying it
would undermine the agency's credibility with foreign intelligence services and
hurt the agency's work force, people involved in the discussions said. However,
Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair favors releasing the information,
current and former senior administration officials said."

What is the point of having a DNI if he doesn't have some control, or sway, over a key intelligence agency beneath him? Why is the CIA allowed to make such a ruckus, and where is DNI Blair's voice if he is so in favor?

And why must we keep up the farce that these memos made any sense, ever?

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